SG Immobilier Quality Policy

The satisfaction of our customers is essential and is at the heart of all our actions, whether they are sellers, buyers, owners or tenants. All our customers are considered in the same way, with the same values that characterize us.

It is risky to think that a successful real estate transaction could be due to chance. It is most often the experience, skills and advice of a professional that will make it a successful project.

You will find with SG IMMOBILIER a different experience, a real added value to achieve your goal.

We are committed to it!

Knowledge (of): our business:

During our first meeting, you will explain us your specific expectations.

(To meet your expectations) To answer them, we will use our knowledge, our skills and our wide range of services and tools.

SG Immobilier commitment: Use all our skills at your service.

A fair and accurate estimation:

SG Immobilier offers fair, detailed and consistent analyses of the Luxembourg real estate market.

Beware of overvalued analyses that give a bad image of your property...

The sales strategy:

We are able to support you in the entirety of your real estate project, by offering you a follow-up from A to Z, effective communication media, qualified buyers...

SG Immobilier commitment: Establish THE sales strategy in line with your project.

Day-to-day commercial monitoring:

Let us do the job and follow what we do with your personal customer space. You will have access to visits, appraisals, commercial actions... all from home.

A weekly debriefing will also be offered.

SG Immobilier commitment: We have nothing to hide, we act in complete transparency.

You are never alone:

Like a mountain guide, you are supported from the first contact to the notarial act or even beyond.

SG IMMOBILIER commitment: Our complete support.

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